Ross Hebblethwaite

Ross is an experienced Trigger Point Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and personal trainer.

Ross offers effective treatment for chronic symptoms (including pain, stiffness and weakness) that can occur anywhere in your body. His focus is on helping return your body to where it can heal itself. As well as receiving treatment those wanting to help themselves will benefit from simple effective self treatment techniques that he can show you. These are great for speeding recovery and for self maintenance to remain symptom free.

Ross teaches core awareness which is key to a healthier spine, hip mobility and general strength and well-being. This applies at every age, stage of life and for every activity level.

As a Yoga Teacher Ross understands the importance of healthful breathing. Modern life can disconnect us with our breath and we can become habitual shallow chest breathers. This stimulates our flight, fight or freeze response, tightens our neck and shoulders and can be a main reason for experiencing stress. We can let go of this pattern and learn to breath in a way that supports health and well-being. Ross can also advise on the right gentle stretches for your body today.

All treatment is designed to be tailored to the requirements of the individual.